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World Patient Safety Day 2020 Significance, Awareness, & Importance

Sometimes, the most expensive and the best health care center can be quite ignorant about the issues like patient safety. Therefore, in order to spread awareness about patient safety and remind patient safety is an important factor as others, the world patient safety day is observed on September 17 every year. For the sake of patient safety, all the personnel including in the job like doctors, administration, and patients themselves need to take a stand and work together.

History of World Patient Safety Day

In May 2019, all 194 member countries and states of the World Health Organization decided to mark patient safety as the global health priority. A Resolution (WHA72.6) was signed in the 72nd World Health Assembly to establish September 17 as World Patient Safety Day. The idea behind this was to prioritize patient safety and make more and more people aware of this issue.

Last year, on September 17, at least 80 cities around the world have lit up their significant monuments into orange color as a symbol to celebrating this day. In 2020, the same will happen again, landmarks, monuments, and buildings will be orange again to show support to the health workers who are working tirelessly in this pandemic and ensuring patient safety at the same time. Aashram Season 2 Release Date

The theme of World Patient Safety Day 2020

The World Patient Safety Day 2020 theme is “Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety” and the slogan for 2020 is “Safe health workers, Safe patients”. The call for action of World Patient Safety Day 2020 is “Speak up for health worker safety!”

According to the data from the World Health Organization, the number of death due to lack of patient safety is as same as from Tuberculosis. Administrative carelessness is a major issue that causes a lack of patient safety. This eventually causes the increment of 15% in the hospital bills as well.