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World Car Free Day 2020 Theme, Significance, Importance & History

Every year on September 22, World car day is celebrated around the globe in various countries. The sole purpose is to reduce the usage of the car on this day in order to lower the air pollution level of the Earth. Air pollution is one of the major problems that humans are currently facing and giving up motor based vehicles will improve this situation to a great extent. In addition to this, it will also promote the idea of walking and cycling to the small distance which will be safer to earth and beneficial for human health as well.

Imagine how the world will look if all the cars and bikes are taken off the roads and streets. It will be a lot quieter and pollution will be less too and now imagine this for all 365 days of the year, World Carfree Network stated. Khaali Peeli Trailer Out

World Car Free Day 2020 Significance

The world first car-free day was observed in February back in 2000 and with the public referendum, it has been globalized since. Many European towns take participation in World Carfree Day and give the car used for one day or even more sometimes. For now, Bogota, Columbia is the world record holder for the largest carfree weekday ever organized in history.

Diego Osorio who is from Bogota and founder of “Mejor en Bici” (Better with Bike) has spreading awareness about cycling and how it is beneficial for health as well as the environment. The UN Environment has been promoting his story and many other influencers and environmental activists who are working for nature.

World Car Free Day Slogan & Poster

Osorio said, “Latin American cities have given all the power to cars and we have ended up destroying ourselves; we have no space left for parks or for pedestrians. We have forgotten about human beings—it is time to reconquer the lost space,”

According to a report from the World Health Organization, air pollution from cars is one of the fastest-growing sources of CO2 which is the main reason for climate change.