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Christmas 2020 Eve Traditions: From White Christmas in Australia to Nochebuena in Spain, 9 Different Customs & Practices Observed on Xmas Day

Christmas is approaching and it is celebrated with grand celebrations every year. December 25 marks the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. In different parts of the country, varying traditions, customs and practices are held. People celebrate the day grandly by observing varying festivities. As Christmas 2020 approaches, we bring to you different traditions in different countries across the globe. In Canada, families often open presents on Christmas Eve after mass. While others only open one and save the rest for Christmas Day. Many French Canadians have a feast after Christmas Eve mass, called a Réveillon, which lasts into the wee hours of Christmas morning. Christmas Traditions Around the World: From the Consoada Feast in Portugal to Eating KFC Fried Chicken in Japan on December 25, Here Are Ways People Celebrate Xmas.

Spiderwebs are a part of Christmas tree decorations in Ukraine. It has a related story due to which it is believed that tinsel spiderwebs bring good luck. Various big and small celebrations are held across countries depending on people’s belief in different regions. As Christmas 2020 approaches, here are Christmas Eve traditions from around the world. Cozy Sweatpants, eBook Subscription and More, 6 Thoughtful Presents for Everyone in Your Family to Celebrate the Holiday Season.

1. Nochebuena in Spain

Christmas Eve is called Nochebuena in Spain. Families come together and have a meal with turkey, lamb, or seafood. Catholics attend midnight mass, or Misa del Gallo celebrating celebrate the birth of Jesus music, guitars, hand drums, and tambourines.

2. Yule Goat in Sweden

Yule Goat is set up in Sweden as a Christmas symbol dating back to ancient pagan festivals. A goat is more than 42 feet high, 23 feet wide, and weighs 3.6 tons. It is kept there from the first Sunday of Advent until after the New Year.

3. Ligligan Parul in the Philippines

Ligligan Parul or Giant Lantern Festival featuring dazzling lanterns symbolise the Star of Bethlehem. It is a sight to behold during the parol when thousands of spinning lights brightening the night sky on Christmas Eve. Best Books for Christmas 2020: From Starry Night to the Gift of the Magi, Classics to Read During the Holidays.

4. White Christmas in Australia

Australia celebrates White Christmas as December is the first month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Although it may be hot outside, Australians put up snowflakes, snowmen, winter icons and Santa Claus. Families come together on Christmas Eve in large crowds to sing Christmas carols by candlelight.

5. 13 Yule Lads in Iceland

Children expect 13 Yule Lands to visit them the night before Christmas. They place their shoes by the window and children sleep with head upstairs to bed. In the morning they find their shoes full of candies if they have been good that year. And if they have been bad, they can expect rotten potatoes.

6. La Ribote in Martinique, the French Caribbean Island

Families visit their neighbours during Advent and on New Year’s Day bearing food like yams, boudin créole, pâtés salés, and pork stew. They sing Christmas carols together into the early hours of the morning, adding their traditional lyrics.

7. Le Réveillon de Noël in France

Most families in France have a huge feast on Christmas Eve. The dinner includes duck or goose, other than foie gras and oysters. The meal ends with the Buche de Noël, a rolled sponge cake decorated to look like a Yule log.

8. Treats For Santa in the US

In the US, families set out treats for Santa on Christmas Eve. Churches also hold candlelight services or midnight mass, which often include reenactments of the Nativity.

9. Russians Fast During the Festival

Russians fast until after evening service, after which they might eat a traditional Russian dish called Kutya. It consists of grains, honey, and poppy seeds, shared from the same bowl to symbolise unity. No meat is allowed during this meal. And as a part of the Christmas Eve tradition, a priest will sprinkle holy water in each room and pray for everyone. Christmas 2020 Songs for Kids: From ‘Little Snowflake’ to ‘Santa Shark,’ 7 Christmas Songs for Children to Celebrate the Holiday Season.

Quite varying traditions are seen in different regions of the world during the festival. In Denmark, homes are decorated with Nisser in Denmark, a superstitious character who is believed to provide protection. On December 24, Danish families place their Christmas trees in the middle of the room and dance around singing carols. For Italian children, the holiday begins on January 5 with New Year with a visit from Christmas witch called Le Befana. It enters homes through chimneys and fills stockings with presents and candies for “nice” children and coal for “naughty” ones. We wish everyone celebrating a Merry Christmas.

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