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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is A Must

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You decide on a vacation and you pack everything. The jacket, the hat, clothes, sunglasses, haven’t you missed an important thing? Did you pack your travel insurance? The unforeseen will affect even the best-prepared journeys. Unexpected incidents could happen anytime in your travel plans and may cost your holiday investment. Why give a chance to spoil your travel, when you have a backup.

There are various forms of travel insurance in the market. Some focus on your medical health while traveling, some on the reimbursement of lost belongings, and others on the insurance final expenses of your travel. Whatever the reason behind your buy, travel insurance is a must. Here are five reasons why travel insurance is a must.

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#1 Unexpected Cancellations

One of the most important reasons to opt for travel insurance is the unpredictable cancellation of trips. You might never know when you might cancel your trip between your bookings and departure. In this unpredictable life, the only way to live peacefully is to be prepared for the worst.

Not all travel insurance policies cover cancelations. Only a handful of policies cover the non-refundable, pre-booked expenses if the vacation is delayed after you left home, so please read closely the product summary (policy wording) that is important to you.

#2 Tackling Medical Emergencies:

What if your close ones fall sick before traveling? The best way to escape such health conditions is to invest in the best travel insurance. Several travel insurance coverages might help you out in such cases. Most health insurance companies provide pre-existing medical care, given the diagnosis is the patient is stable. Make sure you read all the required documents before opting for one.

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#3 Unexpected weather:

The climate is something you still have little power over and could contribute to travel delays or force you to postpone your journey altogether. Including storms to floods, travel insurance can cover whether weather circumstances or natural events induce the incident. Cancellation plans cover all those natural disasters and weather conditions. 

#4 Delayed or Lost Baggage:

One of the most important reasons to opt for travel insurance is the loss of personal belongings and baggage. You may be reimbursed for missing, misplaced, or broken luggage or personal belongings for travel insurance. Some policies have got luggage hold packages that will pay you even for the necessary items for your delay in baggage. 

In case you’re a person who carries a camera, laptop, and other digitals, some of your travel insurance policies would require you to designate certain things to cover their higher value. Carefully review your insurance benefits and coverage summary before signing one to know the inclusions and exclusions. Review additional terms on currency notes and valuable products too.

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#5 Mandatory Travel Document:

Some nations have made travel insurance compulsory for visitors. To avoid all those chaos at the immigration counters, you need to have travel insurance.  There are times where the visa is canceled at the destination country. Be sure you read all the country’s requirements before opting for one.

Above all, a peaceful mind is a key to a great holiday. Get travel insurance and have a hassle-free, fun-filled, and memorable holiday.


Most travel insurance plans have different advantages and exclusions. Taking your own time and doing the research before signing in a contract language closely is essential. This differs based on the package you select. List in your requirements and choose a plan as per your needs.